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The Wedding Experience

Everything you need to know about
capturing your magical day.


Hybrid Photographer & Filmmaker

based in Christchurch, New Zealand

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i believe in the beauty of simplicity

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Shelley Magic

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Wife, #babymama, and a self-confessed caffeine addict. Lover of snuggles, big bear hugs, and belly laughter.


I'm all about the beauty of simplicity and creating long lasting relationships. My goal for every single client, is to capture the magic that is your life through such enjoyable experiences that I become your family photographer.


Grab a cup of coffee, cozy up, and browse. It's great to have you here.

Hello, I'm Magic.

Just like the chemistry it's taken for you sweet souls to get to this point, I believe it's the same when choosing the photographer that's right for you; after all, someone you're inviting into your lives to capture some of your most intimate and vulnerable moments.


So let's see if we share chemistry...

A little about me - I'm obsessed with happy humans who love to laugh a lot and don't take themselves too seriously. I create joy-filled images to help you remember the magic of moments both big and small. I believe the best kind of photography, is when you're enjoying yourself so much, you forget all about the camera. It's all of those in between moments. Not planned. Not posed. Just real moments captured in the most beautiful way possible.

Let's Connect

Christchurch, New Zealand

022 527 6234

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